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Carmella Inchierchiera

Lives in Little Egg harbour, United States · Born on September 5
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September 5
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November 22, 2017
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July 26, 2009
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Guitar + Keyboard
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Open to the idea
My Bio
Carmella Inchierchiera Award Winning Songwriter (ASCAP) Songwriting Member, LYRICSINMYHEAD Publishing has been writing songs for over 40 years, just within the last Seven years she was finally able to get some of her songs out to the public. She is a songwriter/composer with a very original, unique style. She can write a heartfelt ballad and bring the listener to tears from the emotion in the song or can flip things upside down and bring down the house with a Honky Tonk up-beat country song with attitude. She has released 22 songs since March of 2008 here are just a few of those releases. ( Her Heart Is Broken) (Louisiana Swamp Man) (Songwriters) (Trainwreck) ( Fallen Heroes (9-11) and (Just Like Long Ago) which hit the mainstream chart on The Independent Music Network. 10/13/09 making it one of her 17 songs that made the chart in 2009/15 staying on the chart 7 months straight, It is still finding it's way back on the charts there (Her Heart Is Broken) co-written and produced by Nelson Blanchard, it was well received and hit # 13 first week of it's release on the Independent Music Network Country Chart and stayed on the chart for six months Straight.. Nelson also performed the vocals.

Carmella co-wrote 8 songs with her Multi Talented Grammy Nominated Music Producer Nelson Blanchard (where would I be without Nelson) He is an amazing person as well as Musician). Their song titled "Fallen Heroes 9-11" was nominated for 'Song of the Year" by The Independent Country Music Association in April of 2012.. (The award that year went to Jimmy Fortune of the Statler Brothers ) Nelson is a Louisiana Hall Of Fame inductee with the great band Louisiana LeRoux.. and finally together with some help from Scott Innes (voice of Scooby Doo fame) and CMA award winner they released "Where Is Our Sea, Blue Shining Sea" a song about the Gulf Tragedy..which they Dedicated to all those who lost their lives, and all those affected by the BP Oil Spill ..Nelson co-wrote the song with Carmella and also performs the vocals Scott was Gracious enough to perform the intro to the song..

Carmella received the Female Songwriter of the Year award by CMG Radio International two years in a row, April 2013 and Sept, 2014, Nelson and Carmella also were awarded The Songwriting Team of the Year Award in April of 2013 and 2015..Carmella received both awards in Lebanon Tenn.. at The Teddy Bear Festival Hosted by The CMG Radio Network to raise money for The Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.. Carmella had also been nominated for Song of the Year 2012 and Songwriter of the Year 2014 by the Independent Country Music Association.. has also been nominated for Traditional Songwriter of the Year at Country Blast Radio 2015 and she took home the Award for Female Country Songwriters of the Year ( The Josie Music Awards ) held at The Shermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville Tenn on Sept 18th 2016, Carmella was also Awarded Songwriter of the Year at Fishing Country Now + Cowgirl Divas Radio.

One of the songs she co-wrote ( Homeless, Hungry, Crying (in the rain) hit The Independent Music Network Chart at #5 and stay on the chart for nine weeks straight in the top ten, Melodic Revolution Records-There Is Hope Records has chosen to release it on their Cd titled Musicians For Oil Relief. Money from it's sale helps those affected by the BP Gulf of Mexico Oil spill including it's wildlife. It has also been released on Songs Of Hope..a Cd for Charity to help Children with Disabilities, abused and neglected children..Carmella also Donated songs she wrote to.The Veteran Memorial Foundation and Disaster Relief U.S.A..

Carmella and Nelson's Tribute Song + Video Fallen Heroes 9-11 has been posted by YouTube for there top 5Fifty 9-11 Tributes and it is posted by them in the #1 spot.. Her video (Homeless, Hungry, Crying in the rain ) made Twitters Cast T.V's video of the week first week out. Carmella has won 3 Suggested Artist Awards an Honorable Mention Award and 2 Runner-Up awards from Song of the Year. Carmella has received notification that her song (Just Like Long Ago) became Certified on, coming in at #1. Her song (Trainwreck) also became certified, along with "Her Heart Is Broken, Homeless, Hungry, Crying in the Rain and Just Like long Ago and Several more ..Carmella has just received another Song Of The Year Supporters of Vh1 Save The Music Suggested Artist Award, Nelson Blanchard has produced all of the song listed.

Carmella has been featured on many of the music sites in which she is a member and her music can be hear on Internet Radio as well as Mainstream. One of Carmella's highlights of the year 2009 is when she attended the 51st Grammy Awards In LA with her music producer Nelson Blanchard .
My Songs
Style: Not updated
Posted date:  November 21, 2017  by  Carmella Inchierchiera   |   Plays: 10
Mirror Mirror
Style: Rock
Posted date:  February 09, 2017  by  Carmella Inchierchiera   |   Plays: 48
Since I Fell For Tennessee
Posted date:  August 28, 2016  by  Carmella Inchierchiera   |   Plays: 59
Sally Grabbed That Shotgun
Style: Other
Posted date:  March 18, 2016  by  Carmella Inchierchiera   |   Plays: 87
I'm Country Born and Bred
Style: Country
Posted date:  January 23, 2015  by  Carmella Inchierchiera   |   Plays: 56
Bill's Place
Style: Country
Posted date:  December 18, 2014  by  Carmella Inchierchiera   |   Plays: 40
Half the Man ( My Dog Thinks I Am )
Style: Country
Posted date:  November 14, 2014  by  Carmella Inchierchiera   |   Plays: 38
Thrown Away Soldier
Style: Not updated
Posted date:  November 06, 2014  by  Carmella Inchierchiera   |   Plays: 55
Posted date:  October 18, 2014  by  Carmella Inchierchiera   |   Plays: 32
Who Shot Lizzy ?
Posted date:  October 17, 2014  by  Carmella Inchierchiera   |   Plays: 31
Why ?
Posted date:  October 17, 2014  by  Carmella Inchierchiera   |   Plays: 35
Posted date:  September 29, 2014  by  Carmella Inchierchiera   |   Plays: 33
Homeless Hungry Crying ( In the Rain )
Style: Americana
Posted date:  September 27, 2014  by  Carmella Inchierchiera   |   Plays: 26
Just Imagine the Storm
Style: Americana
Posted date:  September 24, 2014  by  Carmella Inchierchiera   |   Plays: 24
"Where Is Our Sea, Blue Shining Sea"?
Style: Americana
Posted date:  September 21, 2014  by  Carmella Inchierchiera   |   Plays: 26
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