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Curtis (Quico) Reed

Lives in Bentonville, Arkansas United States · Born on January 1
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January 1
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February 5, 2017
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What's your favorite genre of music?:
Depends on the time of day.
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Guitar, Bass, Keys, Mandolin
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Open to the idea
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Propellerhead's Reason: Yahama MG12XU Mixer, Peavey Wolfgang Electric, Sierra 6-string acoustic
My Bio
I started tinkering with the piano when I was about 12 years old. I briefly studied trumpet, but quit after a couple of years. In college a friend of mine bought a hot Epiphone electric and I started to play that. I bought one of those old Tascam 4-Track cassette recorders and began to write music. Well, let's say I recorded a lot of noise.
But after a while I realized I was actually beginning to write some pieces that I liked. I didn't think anyone else would like my music but one night after midnight I went down to talk to the DJ at KGNU in Boulder and talked him into playing one of my songs. He got the first call of the night, some guy wanted to know who the composer was.
With that little bit of encouragement, I decided to upgrade. I saved my pennies and bought a Roland XP-50, which I still have. That was about 1994. I found a digital 4-track and upgraded my recordings. They still sucked, but just a little less.
It wasn't until I got married that I had a captive audience. My lovely wife liked my music and encouraged me to invest in some better equipment. That led me to the Roland VS1680 16-track studio. I wrote some of my best songs during that period. "Tolerance", "Chavez el Asesino", and many others were composed while using that equipment.
And a couple of years ago I finally moved to a DAW, and use Propellerheads Reason. I love it because it has the look and feel of traditional mixers and recording equipment, and provides an interface that looks like real racks of effects boxes. I prefer to think of myself as a musician more than an engineer and so I want to keep it "organic".

As for my music, well, it's a bit dark, but my love of African and Brazilian music keeps the grooves spunky, so I hope my somewhat brooding lyrics are not overwhelming. I was also a fan of protest music and still write some of those but usually from a slightly right-of-center perspective.

I hope someone finds some of my music enjoyable. Have a great day!
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My Songs
Glass Reeds
Style: Instrumental
Posted date:  February 05, 2017  by  Curtis (Quico) Reed   |   Plays: 29
The Dogs of Hate v3
Posted date:  January 15, 2017  by  Curtis (Quico) Reed   |   Plays: 38
The Dogs of Hate v4 guitars
Style: Rock-a-Billy
Posted date:  January 02, 2017  by  Curtis (Quico) Reed   |   Plays: 43
Where the Red Fern Grows 2016
Style: Celtic
Posted date:  May 26, 2016  by  Curtis (Quico) Reed   |   Plays: 57
A Boy and His Dog
Style: Celtic
Posted date:  May 02, 2016  by  Curtis (Quico) Reed   |   Plays: 39
That's How I Knew She Was In Love
Style: Blues Rock
Posted date:  April 15, 2016  by  Curtis (Quico) Reed   |   Plays: 54
The Church of Eternal Change
Style: Rock
Posted date:  January 23, 2016  by  Curtis (Quico) Reed   |   Plays: 48
Footsteps in the Snow
Style: Alternative
Posted date:  November 27, 2014  by  Curtis (Quico) Reed   |   Plays: 29
Chavez el Asesino Remastered
Style: Latin Rock
Posted date:  October 08, 2014  by  Curtis (Quico) Reed   |   Plays: 23
Tolerance Remastered 2014
Style: Not updated
Posted date:  October 08, 2014  by  Curtis (Quico) Reed   |   Plays: 22
Mercy Killing Remastered 2014
Style: Rock
Posted date:  October 08, 2014  by  Curtis (Quico) Reed   |   Plays: 26
Eros Loves Thanatos
Style: Not updated
Posted date:  September 09, 2014  by  Curtis (Quico) Reed   |   Plays: 22
The Sun Always Shines (singer songwriter)
Posted date:  August 15, 2014  by  Curtis (Quico) Reed   |   Plays: 21
Flower in the Tower
Style: Not updated
Posted date:  August 15, 2014  by  Curtis (Quico) Reed   |   Plays: 19
Weightless Autumn Gems
Style: Not updated
Posted date:  August 15, 2014  by  Curtis (Quico) Reed   |   Plays: 19
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