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Angelia Owens

Lives in  Arkansas United States · Born on September 3
Basic Info
Birth Date:
September 3
Last Login:
January 25, 2018
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What's your favorite genre of music?:
Blues, Alt. Rock, Americana, Country, Jazz
Do you play an instrument?:
Guitar, Piano, Mandolin
Interested in Collaborations?:
Open to the idea
Fun Fact About Me:
I'm kind of like "Church" Lady Sings The Blues! Happy
What Recording Tools do You Use?:
Adobe Audition 3.0 and a Special Edition of Pro Tools
My Songs
My Music Man
Posted date:  June 29, 2014  by  Angelia Owens   |   Plays: 33
Love Is Cosmic
Style: New Age
Posted date:  March 02, 2013  by  Angelia Owens   |   Plays: 21
You Move Me Like The BluesWQuadosAnne
Style: Not updated
Posted date:  February 19, 2013  by  Angelia Owens   |   Plays: 26
My Music Man WKenDamkier
Style: Blues
Posted date:  February 20, 2011  by  Angelia Owens   |   Plays: 20
Nature Of The Beast W Nash
Style: Rock
Posted date:  November 11, 2010  by  Angelia Owens   |   Plays: 20
Birthplace Of The BlueswKenDamkier
Style: Blues
Posted date:  May 05, 2010  by  Angelia Owens   |   Plays: 20
I Can't Stop The World From Spinning
Style: Blues
Posted date:  July 21, 2009  by  Angelia Owens   |   Plays: 22
Style: World
Posted date:  June 02, 2009  by  Angelia Owens   |   Plays: 20
Waiting On A Train
Style: Americana
Posted date:  May 31, 2009  by  Angelia Owens   |   Plays: 23
Keep On DrivingWjbthegeezer
Style: Blues
Posted date:  April 18, 2009  by  Angelia Owens   |   Plays: 18
Another Loveless DayWKenDamkierRittmo
Style: Blues
Posted date:  December 29, 2008  by  Angelia Owens   |   Plays: 18
Style: Rock
Posted date:  May 02, 2008  by  Angelia Owens   |   Plays: 20
Blues In My Blood W RJC
Style: Blues
Posted date:  March 28, 2008  by  Angelia Owens   |   Plays: 19
Dancing SlowWithRJC
Style: Blues
Posted date:  March 25, 2008  by  Angelia Owens   |   Plays: 19
Like A House A'Fire(Mastered)
Style: Blues
Posted date:  March 24, 2008  by  Angelia Owens   |   Plays: 20
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