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David Sanchez

Born on January 16
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January 16
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September 5, 2017
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No single favorite genre
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Piano and Guitar
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Open to the idea
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Logic Pro
My Bio
David Sanchez's home town is Santa Maria, California, but he's lived in Southern California (Pasadena, currently) since 1987. David writes lyrics and music. He records his work tapes at home and obsesses over his songs until they are ready to demo at professional demo studios. David is a graduate of Stanford University and Stanford Law School, and probably will never be ready to quit his day job. David's musical goal is to write the best songs he possibly can and to continue growing musically every day. He has maybe two or three songs that he's completely satisfied with. The rest are works in progress (even the demo'd ones).
My Songs
Earthquake (feat. Jesse James)
Style: Modern R&B
Posted date:  December 10, 2014  by  David Sanchez   |   Plays: 53
Kiss Me There
Posted date:  November 16, 2015  by  David Sanchez   |   Plays: 64
The Other Side of Lonely (feat. Mike Lusk)
Posted date:  July 04, 2014  by  David Sanchez   |   Plays: 55
Say What You Want (feat. Leonard Tucker)
Style: R&B
Posted date:  May 02, 2015  by  David Sanchez   |   Plays: 56
You and the Things We Do (feat. Joanna Pearl)
Style: Pop
Posted date:  June 27, 2014  by  David Sanchez   |   Plays: 43
If Only We Knew Why (feat. Leonard Tucker) (pro demo)
Posted date:  August 06, 2015  by  David Sanchez   |   Plays: 84
The Eye of the Storm (feat. Mike Lusk)
Style: Country
Posted date:  June 30, 2014  by  David Sanchez   |   Plays: 46
The Captain's Daughters
Posted date:  May 24, 2012  by  David Sanchez   |   Plays: 39
I Don't Do Heartache Anymore
Style: Jazz Ballad
Posted date:  May 20, 2012  by  David Sanchez   |   Plays: 33
Every Day I Lie - Final Pro Demo
Style: Pop
Posted date:  April 07, 2013  by  David Sanchez   |   Plays: 36
Posted date:  May 22, 2012  by  David Sanchez   |   Plays: 36
Hello, Daddy (Dedicated to our vets))
Posted date:  May 26, 2012  by  David Sanchez   |   Plays: 36
Ready for this Love
Posted date:  May 19, 2012  by  David Sanchez   |   Plays: 35
Your Kisses Don't Lie
Style: Power Pop
Posted date:  August 25, 2017  by  David Sanchez   |   Plays: 26
Hard Time
Style: Rock
Posted date:  March 26, 2017  by  David Sanchez   |   Plays: 58
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