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Partner wanted /studio demos

I am looking for a partner on my song lyrics to do the music/vocals and get them radio ready for the next level for an artist to record.I have several groups looking at recording songs of mine already. You must have what it takes and must be serious in finishing the songs and must be as sure about the quality .you can message me here or at my home email  [email protected] E-mail me as to the genres you do and we'll go from there.
I'm beginning to wonder if this site is  dead or headed that way so fast? I've been monitoring my posts and seems like the , no it doesn't just seem like , it is what I see dead! I don't want to post something that has value and goes nowhere

Gary, I'm going to step up and reply to your mention of this site going dead.  It is true SongRamp has slowed down a lot since it's glory days a few years ago but it is not dead yet.

The fact you are asking for an artist to help you get your lyrics put to music and make them radio ready is the exact hope every lyric writer has on SongRamp or any other songwriting site.

Also you have several groups ready to record your songs makes me wonder why they are not stepping up and willing to put music to your lyrics.

SongRamp has many talented lyric writers and many talented artists as well.  The problem is we have more lyric writers than artists, and the artist's already have their own songs they have written and want to record.

I don't write much anymore but back when I did, I had to seek out artist's willing to work with me, not wait for them to seek me out.  May I suggest you search the member's on SongRamp and find an artist you like and approach them whether they have time to work with you or not.  Remember, everyone on this site has lyrics, including the artist's, it's finding one with the time to work with you and one that connects with the lyrics you are writing.

Good luck on your journey.  They are out there if you try a little harder to find them.






well the main reason I haven't put music to my lyrics is 2 years ago I underwent cochlear implant surgery for my hearing, and if the doctor had followed his own protocol of ordering tests including a CT scan he would have seen I was not a  good candidate and wouldn't have destroyed my natural hearing I had left.I played 3 different instruments which now I can't because there is no clarity in my hearing.I had a great publisher/partner for over 2 years inwhich he got my songs professionally demoed in 4 states which he had studios.He died last year left me without a partner and his wife isn't going forward with the business so my 85 copyrighted songs becomes reverted back to me.He made compilation CD's and they were heard all over the USA plus the world. I got great reviews from fans & DJ's on my songs so I know they are as good if not better than mainstream radio, no brag just facts.Hope this answers your thoughts on me now.I need someone who will be dedicated and be my set of ears as well as my partner, a reliable trustworthy person(if there is such anymore)
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