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Favorite Music Videos

Cool stuff.  I like Van Halen too. I prefered David Lee Roth as the lead singer for the band before any and all changes that followed.


Jump & Panama were my favs.

Everything by ABBA.

Me too, Jim.  I like ABBA.  In fact, there hasn't been a band to come out of Sweden yet I didn't like.

Yes, I remember that Take on Me video.  Very creative.  The song is still played on the airwaves (at least by me) like it is still on the charts.  Lol
My favorite Bluegrass song Please Mommy Please ~ North Coast Bluegrass Band

(-;Yrral Mallik;-)
My favorite Weird Al Yankovic song Weenie In A Bottle

(-;Yrral Mallik;-)
Ny favorite Jimmy Castor Bunch song Troglodyte 1974

(-;Yrral Mallik;-)
Chick A Boom ~ Sweet Daddy Dewdrop 1971

(-;Yrral Mallik;-)
My Ding A Ling ~ Chuck Berry ~ 1972

(-;Yrral Mallik;-)
All good stuff Larry.  I must have missed Weird Al's take on Christina's Genie in A Bottle.  Lol

First time hearing. Produced a good laugh. Lol
My wife and my favorite song from 1972 Precious And Few ~ Climax

(-;Yrral Mallik;-)
Larry Killam said...

My wife and my favorite song from 1972 Precious And Few ~ Climax

This is a great song. It's funny isn't it. They don't make songs like this anymore. Romance and feeling almost seem absent from much of the music today in comparison to something like this. Yes, a great song.
My favorite Al Jolson song

Anniversary Waltz

(-;Yrral Mallik;-)
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