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FAWM Challenge begins soon

For a creative escape from the winter doldrums, be sure to check out the FAWM (February Album Writing Month) Challenge that begins on 1 February.


The site closed yesterday for upgrading, but will be back online around January 22nd, in readiness for the onslaught of lyrics, instrumentals, songs, and general madness & hilarity that ensue.

Four weeks of fun, inspiration, craziness, and camaraderie, ending in everyone having new songs, lyrics, or instrumentals, ranging from one to 14 and more. You set your own goal. :) Fourteen pieces of work in 28 days is simply a guideline.

By the way: The lyrics/songs/instrumentals aren't intended to be 'polished'. It's mainly about getting down the bare bones of an idea. Polishing and revising generally happen post-FAWM.

I hope to see some / a lot of you there. Wink

For more details, here's the official FAWM FAQ link.



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