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Please vote for this track (-:

I was thrilled to learn recently that my collaborator Billy Playle and I have two tracks in the Finalists list in the 2014 International SongDoor competition - Instrumentals section. 

I'd be grateful if you'd cast a vote EACH DAY for 'A Near-Life Experience' (if you like it, of course. /> up until the 20th, when the winner will be announced.

The track is now running second. I hope we can pull it into first place and keep it there on the 20th. />

UPDATE JAN 13: And if you have multiple devices (e.g. iMac, iPad, iPhone, etc.), you can actually cast a vote on each one of them every day. This might up the vote count. />

The final Winner will be selected by the contest judges, but the winner of the popular votes will get an extra bonus. wink_jpfolks.gif

 PS: If anyone's interested in hearing the song version (which is also in My Collection on SongRamp), it's here. It was a finalist in an international songwriting competition a couple of years ago.

'It's never too late to have a happy childhood.'

Bumping in hopes of the track getting a few more votes. Billy - who some of you may have known here in the earlier years of SongRamp - deserves them. :)





'It's never too late to have a happy childhood.'

'Nuther bump. Not that anyone will notice. Wink


Just to mention that Billy's track won the popular vote. A nice 'bonus' of $500 for us. Wink 

Fingers crossed now for the judges' final decision later today. 


UPDATE: Nope, didn't get the BIG Win, but the experience as Finalist has been quite a ride. 

Roll on the next contest! Wink



'It's never too late to have a happy childhood.'
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