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 Uh oh, do I need to gird my loins?  

I would if I were you, but that's pretty general advice for anyone visiting Devon.

Other stuff:

The beer here is a bit different to American beers. We go crazy and make it with malt and hops.
And a few dead rats too.
DO NOT DRINK THE CIDER! That's made as above, less the malt and hops, plus apples, plus many more dead rodents.
So good advice here is to pack a stomach pump.

We drive on the left, which is the right side to drive on. That's not to say be drive on the right, coz that wouldn't be right. It's left up to you to figure out roundabouts - but give way to the right. But don't drive on the right, coz that wouldn't be right. Just give way to the right .... And give way to oap's on mobility scooters too, (like me, that is).
Anyway, good advice here is to pack body armour. And a crash helmet. P'raps shin pads as well.

Wild, wild women down here in Devon.
One cup of Ovaltine and they're anybodies, so watch yourself, or you'll wind up in a threesome with twin octagenarian brunettes.
Good advice here is to either
a) dress like a 90 year old woman, (pack a few changes of girly outfits) or
b) book two extra seats on the return flight - you'll be taking this pair home !

You may have difficulty explaining the stomach pump, crash helmet, body armour, shin pads and ladies underwear in your suitcase.
Greet the nice customs gentleman with a smile, even when he puts on the latex gloves and asks you to bend over.
Good advice here:
Have fun!
(He certainly will.....)


Siddie City
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