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John Westwood

Born on March 14
Basic Info
Birth Date:
March 14
Last Login:
January 20, 2017
Member Since:
February 1, 2014
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What's your favorite genre of music?:
most but Not trad country, modern jazz, (k)rap or Hip hop
Do you play an instrument?:
Guitar , some bass a microscopic and diminishing amount of keyboard,
Interested in Collaborations?:
Fun Fact About Me:
They named fruit loops after me !
What Recording Tools do You Use?:
Garage band. iMacs , Behringer mixer
My Bio
Prior to leaving England 1972 for Australia, I had been a bass player for a 3 bands between 1964 to mid 1968. I was never a very good bass player and mainly a plonker around the root notes.
I still have contact with the singer and drummer of the main band and when we get together we reminisce about the good old days.

Over the last couple of years I have lost touch with the only surviving guitarist.

In 2003 I met the drummers partner who was unable to work and when I asked her how she filled her day she said, " I write songs".

Well that was the start for me

I joined Songramp and several other sites but settled on Songramp because of its inclusiveness and support
I've been a member since 18 June 2003.

Around 2007 I joined, an internet radio station and for about 12 months I hosted a show that broadcast from about 8:00am USA EST and during this time I featured the tracks of many 'rampers' and I am happy to say many of those I have met in person and still catch up with when I am in USA.

To date I have co-written some 75 or 80 songs and when I explore the hard drives of my older computers I sometimes find a track that has never been uploaded.
Just did the math.. That's about 7 per year plus all the ones that never made it to sound.
Not many have been pro demoed. They are mainly basement tapes in case I get serious and /or find a voice that might want to record them

As an Admin, previously on the old site for a number of years and now on the new site, I watch Songramp, mainly, while you are all asleep.

MY Bio from the old site.

"I play little guitar and bass and also tinker with keyboards but mainly write lyrics and talk a load of rubbish.
I have tenor sax as yet untried.......... Why? Don’t ask.

Considering how *well* I play the guitar you may well ask, "why do you have 8?" Well don’t ask!

I've co-written with Kip Marchetti, Amadeo L Gauthier, Rick Keane, Dothan Hill, Phil Marshall, Clairejeanne, Michael Frazier, Rob Campbell, Marc-Alan Barnette, Christine Parri, George Hanlon, Nigel Cuff, Alligator Jackson, Peg "New Beginnings", Beatles 65, Dr John, Ian Magic Jolley, Fast Eddie Minyard, JB Geezer, additional help from Benny Leverton, Alan Johnson and I am sure there are more.... Thank you all. "

Since then I have co-written with Rob "RJC” Campbell, Roger Sonowski, Brian Baker, and have several more "in the works "

What do I write?
Well, it depends who I am writing with and which comes first, the lyric or the sound. I guess I have written country not particularly by choice, Its just the way it happened but I have written also some rock, Americana style, protest/social consciousness, jazz, bluesy, and some instrumentals.
What am I looking for?

The fun, self satisfaction of writing material that others can relate to and also the social aspects of co-writing.
User Name on Legacy Site?
site no longer accessible .Its Gorn to the great resting place in the ether.
My Songs
Take Me Up
Posted date:  November 28, 2015  by  John Westwood   |   Plays: 95
I remember falling for you
Style: Not updated
Posted date:  November 14, 2015  by  John Westwood   |   Plays: 34
The Ballad of Alligator JAckson
Style: Southern Rock
Posted date:  October 12, 2015  by  John Westwood   |   Plays: 247
where's the money gone
Style: Acoustic
Posted date:  September 30, 2015  by  John Westwood   |   Plays: 243
Ill be waiting
Style: Inspirational
Posted date:  September 29, 2015  by  John Westwood   |   Plays: 231
Pull No Punches
Style: Not updated
Posted date:  September 26, 2015  by  John Westwood   |   Plays: 226
Electronic Celts v2
Style: Other
Posted date:  July 16, 2015  by  John Westwood   |   Plays: 40
Instrumental redneck riviera
Style: Instrumental
Posted date:  March 10, 2015  by  John Westwood   |   Plays: 40
Redneck Riviera
Style: Not updated
Posted date:  March 10, 2015  by  John Westwood   |   Plays: 51
Whiskey Ruined Bar Room Fly © Marchetti /Westwood
Style: Country
Posted date:  February 22, 2015  by  John Westwood   |   Plays: 40
Posted date:  February 18, 2015  by  John Westwood   |   Plays: 45
Bash Thanks . How did we feel?
Style: Other
Posted date:  February 18, 2015  by  John Westwood   |   Plays: 62
Lift me up
Style: Alternative
Posted date:  February 07, 2015  by  John Westwood   |   Plays: 33
Tell me
Posted date:  February 01, 2015  by  John Westwood   |   Plays: 33
Judas Kiss
Style: Funk
Posted date:  January 27, 2015  by  John Westwood   |   Plays: 32
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