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Michael Prather

Lives in Austin, Texas United States · Born on June 28
My Bio
I was born in Needles,Ca. though my family was from Texas, I was only in Ca. long enough for the Dr. to slap me on the behind and then .. zoom! ..back to Texas.

From a very young age of which I can't recall now .. since I am of a much older age .. wait .. what was I talking about? .. Oh I have loved music since I first heard my mother singing and then the radio. I would make up melodies in my head and hum them out loud, which was very annoying to others but I enjoyed it :).

I started playing guitar when I was around 10, but only on a plastic one, didn't get a real one until much later on.

Fast forward to my early to mid twenties I had learned to play a few things and had joined a band, we did country/rock and whatever was called for to play in Weddings, at the VFW, Knight's Of Columbus Hall, etc. I was just a guitar player and didn't sing. I was living in Corpus Christ,Tx. at the time and that was more or less home.

I was only in the band a couple of years and made some moves in years to come out of Texas, to Ca. and Nevada. I finally settled in Austin,Tx. and have been here since 1988.

I had intended to get into the music scene but never quite got around to it, I still played guitar at home and occasionally out with friends. I was a mediocre guitar player at best.

I had been writing a few lyrics and trying to make them into songs, early efforts were pretty poor but I thought I would post some up on the Internet thingie and see what people might think. I came across SongRamp and posted some there, though they were feeble attempts I was given some nice encouragement and was told I was a good singer (who knew?) so I decided to become a paying memeber, I believe this was around 2005. On SongRamp I found a great place to grow my talents as a songwriter and guitarist, through interaction with members some online and some in person at the Annual SongRamp Bashes in Nashville,Tn..

I had always suffered from Stage Fright and a general Social Phobia, but have now played on stage several times out there, thanks to the great friends I have been surrounded with. These times have created some great memories.

So though I still don't play out much, I enjoy writing songs, and hopefully will continue to do so for a long time to come or until I don't remember how to anymore. :)

Thanks SongRamp.
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My Songs
I Wish I Were Still Dreaming
Style: Country
Posted date:  June 17, 2018  by  Michael Prather   |   Plays: 111
No Worries Now
Posted date:  February 21, 2015  by  Michael Prather   |   Plays: 182
Love Will Last Like It Should
Style: Rock
Posted date:  June 03, 2016  by  Michael Prather   |   Plays: 87
Force Of Nature
Style: Pop
Posted date:  April 23, 2016  by  Michael Prather   |   Plays: 88
You Made Me Believe
Style: Country
Posted date:  March 23, 2016  by  Michael Prather   |   Plays: 113
Invest In A Heart
Posted date:  September 20, 2015  by  Michael Prather   |   Plays: 267
Sweet Harmony
Posted date:  October 25, 2014  by  Michael Prather   |   Plays: 50
If Only She Had Wings
Style: Acoustic
Posted date:  October 02, 2014  by  Michael Prather   |   Plays: 53
Forever, For The Rest Of Our Lives
Posted date:  September 20, 2014  by  Michael Prather   |   Plays: 48
Forever Love
Posted date:  September 09, 2014  by  Michael Prather   |   Plays: 45
Pretend You're My Love
Posted date:  July 27, 2014  by  Michael Prather   |   Plays: 57
Raining Down Roses
Style: Acoustic
Posted date:  July 11, 2014  by  Michael Prather   |   Plays: 47
It Ain't Easy Forgetting
Posted date:  June 30, 2014  by  Michael Prather   |   Plays: 34
All Around You
Posted date:  May 24, 2014  by  Michael Prather   |   Plays: 60
The Call
Style: Not updated
Posted date:  April 05, 2014  by  Michael Prather   |   Plays: 32
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