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Paul Henry Dallaire songs   Songwriter:  Paul Henry Dallaire
Paul Henry Dallaire songs

Thank you for the comments and if any other questions i'd be glad to answer them.



Go to sleep my little son


Go to sleep my little son and dream of things and toys

and I will pray for you while i'm away

Your too young my little man but try to understand

why daddy had to go don't shed a tear


Little boy: Paul Smith from Ottawa ON. Canada


"I can't sleep dear ol dad cause I feel so sad

It's hard for me to tell what's wrong or right

I kneel down at my bed-side say a prayer every night

and wish that God will help along the way"



In the springtime of our years we laughed and were so near

but I have reaped the seeds that I have sowed

Now in the yard I see a man walking hand in hand

with a boy like we used to you and me


Now it's the Autumn of my years and I dream of days gone by

and I wonder just how your moma's doin

"She's as pretty as before dad" Oh! I long to see once more

before the years have turned my hair to snow


Chorus end:

The song was recorded at Ambience Recording Facilities on Rideau St. Ottawa,Canada. in the late eighties. (It no longer exist)


The musicians were as I recall were:

Fiddle / Pete Bowen/ he's on facebook in Calgary Canada may be throw him a line he's got a new video coming out soon.It'll be good stuff i'm sure and he's also the guy playing fiddle on the Death of the New York Central and others I'll post later.

Piano/ Ted Gerow (5 man electrical band)

Dan Lavoy/ Steel and lead guitar

The rest I'll check it out and post later if you'd like me to.





Paul Henry Dallaire/a la Loopen Cash

Paul Henry Pub.



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