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Carmella Inchierchiera songs   Songwriter:  Carmella Inchierchiera
Carmella Inchierchiera songs

I'M So Lost Without You


The day that you walked out the door.
I dropped right to the floor.
And on my knees I prayed.
Please God just make her turn around.
I need the love I found.
When you sent her to me.
So please hear my plea


Everyday all I do is cry
Another day goes by.
I'm so lost without you.
At night my tears fall down like rain.
My heart it feels the pain.
From lying here without you
Oh Please hear my plea


Did you recieve my letter
The one begging you to come back home
I promise to always treat you better
Now I know just how it feels to be sleeping all alone
I I just can't eat or sleep
I have no soul to keep
Without you near me
Oh please hear my plea

I cry all day I cry all night
I just can't get sleep
Without holding you tight
I need your love to have and to hold
Your so deep in my heart
Your part of my soul


I I just can't eat or sleep
I have no soul to keep
Without you near me
So please hear my plea
Won't you please come home to me
A better man is what you'll see
There's nothing I woud'nt do
Im' so lost without you
Without you

Copyright  2008 Carmella Inchierchiera

Written By - Carmella Inchierchiera
Vocals By - Nelson Blanchard
Produced  -By Nelson Blanchard

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