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ben  krahne songs
Artist: ben krahne
Plays: 1018
ben krahne Songs II   Songwriter:  ben krahne
ben krahne mitunes songs
Whiskey Speed And Guitars V1 He was a over night sensation He played bro country with disco tech The record man said your going to go far And it went right straight to his head He was traveling down the road For months at a time H was Collecting big fat checks CMT said he was redneck saint But down deep he was a total wreck Chorus Whiskey speed and Guitars Neon lights and fast cars Sleeping all day party all night Money to burn and getting in fights Whiskey speed and Guitars V2 A close friend him into to rehab Hes hapit was a grand a day He threw down some cash and got a private room Over looking the pacific bay He cried and told the doctors his troubles They said it crap you need a real country song After three months of detox and total rest He wrote a hit how it all went wrong repeat chorus
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