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ben  krahne songs
Artist: ben krahne
Plays: 1353
ben krahne Songs II   Songwriter:  ben krahne
ben krahne mitunes songs
Dreams Win And Hearts Mend ” <br>V1 <br>Sometimes it feels like a fight against a flood <br>With life dragging us thru the mud <br>Some man or women broke our trust <br>And everything we hope for goes up in dust <br>And that light turns to dark in a unkind way <br>But it can turn on a smile if we say <br>Chorus <br>Its amazing might sound crazy <br>But miracle’s happen every day <br>And that star that seemed so far <br>We can almost touch it and feel the spark <br>The heavens opens a bit <br>And the struggles lose there grip <br>If we let hope become our best friend <br>Our Dreams Win And Hearts Mend <br>V2 <br>Theres no such thing as a self made person <br>We all need help with the heavy burden <br>This old world seems so lost in our minds <br>But are we looking for the right signs <br>Were plagued by a pound of doubt <br>But with faith in the mix it can all work out <br>Repeat chorus <br>Bridge <br>Love gets mighter lighter and brighter <br>It just takes the wings of desire <br>Repeat chorus
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