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Artist: David Sanchez
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David Sanchez SongRamp2 Songs   Songwriter:  David Sanchez
Songs written or co-written by David Sanchez.
Without Words (Sin Palabras) By David Sanchez (ASCAP) The night is still Only the sound of my guitar Quiet chords for my breaking heart Without words And like the whippoorwill In the dark with his song so pure These strings they will sing for her Without words Bridge: She’s gone Now she’s gone And all that she left behind Is the taste of her lips on mine Me dejó sin palabras [She left me without words] Instrumental interlude I hear her voice Just a dream in the evening breeze Sweet haunting melodies Without words Outside, the raindrops fall Like tears on my window pane I play a sad refrain Without words Se fue [She’s gone] Ya se fue [Now she’s gone] Y las notas de mi canción [And the notes of my song] Cantan las penas de mi corazón [Sing the sorrows of my heart] Sin palabras [Without words] The songs that that my heart must sing will be Sin palabras
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