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Norm Goldfarb Songs II   Songwriter:  Norm Goldfarb
Norm Goldfarb mitunes songs
TAKERS The world is run by takers Who have more than they need They think they are entitled And blinded by their greed I don’t care who they know I don’t know who they bleed There are no hand-outs here And there’s no one helping me I work for crappy wages Part-timer they call me I have to work the night shift My family has to eat I work hard for my pay Not a loser like you say No it’s not all OK I can’t live day to day Mom & dad are never home They work 2 jobs & I’m alone The kids at school make fun of me The clothes I wear is all they see I eat at school as much I can The food at home is mostly Spam When I get sick mom comforts me A doctor’s visit is not to be
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