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Norm Goldfarb Songs II   Songwriter:  Norm Goldfarb
Norm Goldfarb mitunes songs
I LIKE CHRISTMAS<br><br>I like Christmas, its not lame<br>Watching Christians go insane<br>Stay away from those busy malls<br>Relax at home, eat some matzoh balls<br>Save your money for your kids<br>Don't do what your parents did<br><br><br>I like Christmas, its OK<br>Just let me live my Jewy day<br>You eat a lot &amp; buy a tree<br>But Santa never visits me<br>Whats his problem, cant he see<br>That Jesus was a guy like me<br><br>CHORUS<br>White Christmas was written by an Irving<br>And ham wasn't food they were serving<br>The first Christmas was in the desert<br>So how are we observing?<br>Give me Christmas every day<br>Makes no difference what I say<br><br>I like Christmas, its so good<br>We go get some Chinese food<br>The stores are closed, the roads are clear<br>I think I just ran over a deer<br>There he was all over the road<br>He even had a cute red nose<br><br>When I was a little me<br>Mom said we can't have a tree<br>I wasn't mad &amp; I didn't hate her<br>Cause my birthday was a few days later<br>...Help the poor out when you can<br>Peace on earth for every man (2X)
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