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Norm Goldfarb Songs II   Songwriter:  Norm Goldfarb
Norm Goldfarb mitunes songs
When I get older losing my mind<br>Many days from now<br>Will you still be pouring me a Vodka on ice<br>I’m still horny & you are nice<br>Takes 15 minutes for me to pee<br>Prostate’s not so fine<br>Will you still need me, will you still feed me<br>When I'm sixty-nine?<br>You'll be older too<br>And if you say the word<br>I’ll 69 with you<br>I could be handy, fixing the john<br>When it’s all clogged up<br>Metamucil time & then I take a nap<br>Sunday mornings take a good crap<br>Doing the garden, growing some weed<br>We’ll have a great ol time?<br>Will you still need me, will you still feed me<br>When I'm sixty-nine?<br>Every summer we can go to Walmart in the Isle for diapers<br>Just for a laugh<br>We shall steal some food<br>Grandchildren on your knee<br>Izzy, Sam, Machmoud<br>Send me an email, pictures of you<br>Showing me your boobs<br>Indicate precisely what you mean to say<br>Yours sincerely, blow me away<br>Give me your answer, don’t give me shit<br>My time is running out<br>Will you still feed me, will you still feed me<br>Hey I'm sixty-nine?<br>Ho!<br>
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