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The 5 Seasons
Artist: Charlie Camp
Plays: 1107
Charlie Camp songs
Artist: Charlie Camp
Plays: 1044
Songs of Quiet Desperation   Songwriter:  Charlie Camp
Seems like these are tunes about the human condition so putting those kids of tunes here
Something I dont understand is the inability of a man <br>to take the writing on the wall for exactly what it means <br>If she says he had to go, he should have the sense to know <br>she's not in love any more <br><br>As it happens, more than not, he gets angry at the thought <br>that he might really lose his prized possession <br>but women aren't to have and OWN and she'd be better off alone<br>than with a man like him <br><br>Is it De-Evolution it's all comin to... we are returning to..(where we are going) it looks alot like that <br>Is there De-Evolution way down in our genes Is that what it means, <br>in the end? Oh no, oh no <br><br>Another thing that's buggin me is how a man can be set free <br>with three or four or even more DWIs <br>Once he's back out on the streets with the likes of you and me, <br>its just a matter of time... and,<br>just between me and you, I enjoy a drink or two <br>to celebrate a job well done or just to un-wind <br>but I never drink alone and when its time to go home <br>I've always planned ahead <chorus> <br><br>Or its deevolution ...<br><br>If a satirical magazine posts what some would deem obscene <br>I could understand the need for a moral outrage <br>but when it turns to into revenge and lives are taken for amends ... <br>That's when you cross the line. <br><br>So, I don't know just why we think, we've come so far as human beings when we can't even get along with our friends and neighbors <br>We live our lives on the internet; trade our stocks, make our bets<br>We're not blind, we just refuse to see <br>(It's all too much for me)</chorus>
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Larry Killam
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  • February 28, 2015
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