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Paul Henry Dallaire songs   Songwriter:  Paul Henry Dallaire

    Star studded blue Rodeo/The Hank Snow song

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Paul Henry Dallaire songs

Star studded blue Rodeo/The Hank Snow song

There's a man a legend I know

a Poet and writer of songs

Born in Brooklyn Nova Scotia

a true blue Canadian boy

He sang of love's lost highways

his big hit was called "Movin On"

It's Hank Snow the Singin Ranger

Liverpool's own pride and joy


Now there must be a place up in heaven

where the sidewalks are all paved with gold

Boxcars and old silver engines

where pickers and gone Cowboys go

Where there's rhinestones and stage like the Opry

and the Northern Lights light up the show

To see Hank sing in God's choir

in a star studded blue Rodeo

Short musical  break:

Now Hank and his Rainbow Ranch Boys

picked his flat-top like nobody could

He captured the heart of the American Dream

and yes sir he's been everywhere

Now each time I sing and play my guitar

and delightfully so for the crowd

I'll belt out my Old Nova Scotia Home

and somehow I can see Hank standing beside me

just a pickin and a grinning singing along


Paul Henry Dallaire

Paul Henry Pub.



Production and Music By:

Germaine Bellemare

Schumacher, Ontario . Canada


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Larry Killam
Enjoyed Da Listen.Love a song dedicated to Hank.I spoke to Hank years ago.My Dad hung around with Jimmy Snow back in Da Day.
  • October 7, 2016
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