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Paul Henry Dallaire songs   Songwriter:  Paul Henry Dallaire

    Jackleg boogie - RW

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Paul Henry Dallaire songs

When you work in the mine you take your life in your hands

breaking the rock and work as fast as you can

It takes an eight hour shift to drill an eight foot round

workin like a slave a thousand feet underground

at two thousand feet with the Devil you bond

you gotta make the footage or the bonus is gone

You ain't nuthin but a miner till the day that you die

living like a Mole is your schooling in life

To pay your bills because the Wolf's at your door

the Finance Company's the world's biggest Whore

When pay-day comes you take the cage to daylight

and pick-up your dough to feed the kids and the wife

Well it's the Jackleg boogie (Jackleg boogie

Jackleg boogie (Jackleg boogie)

it's the Jackleg boogie at the Dome all shift long

First you muck out your round with your mucking machine

connect all  the hoses for the air you'll need

You lay down your track and you start to drill

you slap down the lever then you shake and you reel

then you dance all around with your boots on your feet

you do the jackleg boogie and send the orr to the mill

Well it's the Jackleg boogie (Jackleg boogie)

Jackleg boogie (Jackleg boogie

Well it's the Jackleg boogie at the Dome mine all shift long


Paul Henry Dallaire

Paul Henry Pub.



Production and Music By:

Germain Belmarre

Schumacher, Ontario.


Larry Killam
Enjoyed Da Listen Paul.Loving it right up my friend.
  • January 17, 2017
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