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Norm Goldfarb Songs II   Songwriter:  Norm Goldfarb

    cLOse yOUr eYeS

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Norm Goldfarb mitunes songs
Close your eyes listen to notes that I found
And use them together this way
I thought it would help if I added some sounds
And put in these beats as I play

Imagine flying over the rooftops
Climbing so high and so fast
Looking down as everything goes away
Leave it in the past

You can get away from the madness
Let’s go to that place
Listen to the sound that surrounds you
We can get away
It might help if you can sing along with me
I don’t think that it can hurt
Let’s sing it together and make some harmony
Together we’ll ponder the world

Turn off the TV & turn off the phone
Turn off your thoughts for a while
Imagine yourself as a bird in the sky
See what’s it’s like being high

Everything is small & far away
Nothing can hurt you now
Leave behind the burdens of the day
Let’s soar among the clouds

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Larry Killam
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  • February 5, 2017
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