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The 5 Seasons
Artist: Charlie Camp
Plays: 1100
Charlie Camp songs
Artist: Charlie Camp
Plays: 1027
Songs of Quiet Desperation   Songwriter:  Charlie Camp

    Only One Woman (acoustic)

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Seems like these are tunes about the human condition so putting those kids of tunes here
Happy Valentines Day!
Thought I'd add the home demo of this with just me and my trusty Alvarez.
Never gave much thought to destiny,
never was that high on my priorities.
but I've changed my opinion and I really do believe
there was only one woman in the world for me

There is only one woman in my world,
She's a whole lotta woman and just a little girl
She's soft and warm and gentle and she sets my heart awhirl
There is only one woman in my world

There are women who can seem so sweet and oh, so nice
They can wrap you 'round their finger, then be cold as ice
and if you want their lovin', well its just like rollin' dice,
There is only one woman in my world


I've known a lot of women with all I've been through
and, oh the hard-luck stories, if you only knew
that's why today, I'm here to say, all I want is you
There is only one woman in my world
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Larry Killam
Beautiful song Charlie WinkLOVE ITWink
  • February 13, 2017
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Diane Gee-Frasca
Really beautiful! Love it!
  • February 20, 2017
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