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ben  krahne songs
Artist: ben krahne
Plays: 1348
ben krahne Songs II   Songwriter:  ben krahne

    Fireworks And Whiskey

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ben krahne mitunes songs
Verse 1:
Sneaking off into the woods on the 4th of July
Got a sack of roman candles,
Stole some of grandpa’s shine
With a sip or two from that mason jar,
We’ll be on the edge of going too far
Cause you’re gunpowder, wrapped in a pretty smile
When I put my arms around you
It’s a lighter to a fuse
Going off like a rocket
Something just goes boom
One more moonshine kiss laying on the ground
The sparks could torch these back woods down
We’re a crazy mix but we burn so perfectly
Like Fireworks and whiskey
Verse 2:
Independence day was never meant to be this hot
Like a wood fire burning
Those flames keeps flaring up
My heart’s wide open and I’m falling through
In this shower of sparks I just see you
When this thing ignites, one kiss won’t be enough
We’ll smoulder like embers in between these oaks
Till all that’s left is the rising sun and a haze of smoke
  and  like this.
Larry Killam
Enjoyed Da Listen Ben (((:RADIO READY:))) WinkBIG BIG BIG HITWink IMHO.
  • February 15, 2017
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Nanci Hobson
Great song :)
  • February 20, 2017
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