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The 5 Seasons
Artist: Charlie Camp
Plays: 1100
Charlie Camp songs
Artist: Charlie Camp
Plays: 1028
Songs of Quiet Desperation   Songwriter:  Charlie Camp


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Seems like these are tunes about the human condition so putting those kids of tunes here
The Ballad of Sharon and Charlie (the southern years) is what I originally called it
since it chronicles our move to Texas in 1979 to now.
When I came down to Houston, it was 1979
A bolt worked out of the engine and that was the end of the line
I walked to the nearest motel and stayed there for awhile
Now when I think of Houston, it still plays on my mind

By the time we got together, I'd been a year in San Antone
We found a (little) house on the east side and there we made our home
On sundays we'd go dancin' at Flores Country Store
Me and you and the girls (all three) doin' fine all on our own

Oh, those southern years
Some were happy, some had tears
But we made it through it all
with a lot of love ... in those southern years

But all good things don't last, myfriend, at least that's what they say
So we moved on up to Austin and there we vowed to stay
We moved out to the country but it didn't stay that way long
But we're still here, just keepin it weird, to this very day

Our kids got kids and they got kids, we're a big 'ole family
And all we know is it aint that bad for a couple of old hippies
At least we're all together, if even for awhile
We've got ourselves and most of all, we're livin happily

Larry Killam
Enjoyed Da Listen Charlie sounding good my friend.
  • August 16, 2017
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Jim Durall
Very well put. Enjoyed it.
  • August 17, 2017
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Diane Gee-Frasca
ain't bad for a couple of old hippies... LOL! I love that line! Good song, Charlie!
  • August 29, 2017
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