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    It's Snowin'

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A musical experience of existentialism in regards to the present moment. I.E. Now is all there really is:)
It’s Snowin’
Words and music by Chapman James
It's snowing through my garden cause it's winter
The ruby roses change to downy white
Putting on one fashion for another
By any other name they'll die tonight

Maybe I'll be lucky and forget her
By dressing up these naked wounds with frost
But shivering beneath these lonely covers
I know when I wake up I'll still be lost

Oh, it's snowin
Drowsy woods sway soft against the sky
Barren trees know time will come for growin
Barren hearts just know it's time to cry

It's snowing through my window cause it's open
Floating down upon my calloused hands
Showing off it's splendor for a moment
Telling me exactly who I am

It's snowin through my soul cause she's a woman
Whose wistful ways leave much to be desired
Though I need the warmth I'll want for no one
Until her drifting memory subsides


Copyright 1988 Polhemusic
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Larry Killam is online.
Enjoyed Da Listen BRRRRR!!!!!! Da thought of winter.
  • November 9, 2017
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Jim Durall
Very nice. Enjoyed.
  • November 11, 2017
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