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Polly's Diary   Songwriter:  Chapman James


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Collection of autobiographical illusions
Why (Recorded live at The Abbey - Bham, AL)
words and music by Chapman James

Just give me a sky... I'll find clouds
If I have a why... I'll find hows
Purpose is a brush... painting nows
But I’m running out of why

Pleasure, power and pain... just reveal
Meaning makes a rock... of the will
Simply crystallized... this is real
Find the reason for the WHY

Reason for the why
My innocence is weeping
Reason for the why
Parting ways without the means
Is it really wise
To be so focused on your sleeping
That you waken only dreams

How is the chosen road whose destinies pursue us
Why is the answer NOT the question that eludes us

Nothing lasts forever they say
Unless it is a memory of today
You think maybe we'll find a way
To be the reason for the why

copyright DEC 1, 2017 Polhemusic
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Larry Killam
Beautiful song ChapmanWinkLOVE IT MANWink
  • November 27, 2017
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Diane Gee-Frasca
Gorgeous... thanks for posting!
  • November 28, 2017
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