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Richard Blum songs   Songwriter:  Richard Blum

    Bubble Wrap And Trampolines'JamKar

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Richard Blum songs

Music Jamkar

wrds and vocal rittmo'

Bubble Wrap And Trampolines
let's take some bubble wrap
and line the walls and halls
unlevel the floor, tap dance
romance falling to chance
every step, every lean, a pop
an addiction without a cure
we'll never want to stop
giggling, crying out for more
did you think that you could create
such a simple twist of fate
turn the mundane, into excitement
living on the edge of enticement
in the backyard a trampoline
a flip and a flop, to top off the day
along the horizon, a tangerine skyline
in the distance a hummingbird, flutters away

on the breeze of it's wings
a rising moon
a nightengale sweetly croons
about human beings, their bubble wrap and trampolines

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Larry Killam
  • June 28, 2015
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