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Jake Boger songs   Songwriter:  Jake Boger

    The Facebook Song (Angie)

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Jake Boger songs

I was lost and found; you turned my whole world upside down
You picked me up, pulled me thru; I can’t believe the things I’d do for you
I say Angie, hold me tight girl; you make this left sure feel right
Don’t lie, just let it be, put it on Facebook for your friends to see

Come on…Angie, don’t play no games
Spend all my money, but kill the pain
Angie, don’t play no games
Drink all my chardonnay, but stop the rain

I can promise you lots of fun, but the drama will need to be done
Tell me girl what I want to know, you take my heart places that I don’t want to go
Angie, what do you say? Do you want to learn to live your life my way?

Angie, Angie, Show me you love me, Angie

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