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    SRR - Women on SongRamp - Feb '07

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Howdy all! This is the first of what we all hope will be a series of "shows" put together by some of us. We hope you all enjoy these and take the time to really listen and let us know what you think. Surely this will evolve over time...but "the longest journey starts with but a single step" and all that :-)

It's occurred to me that there are so many great female artists on SongRamp, there was no doubt I wanted to start off by showcasing some personal favorites. In order of appearance the show consists of:
1) Lucy Webster
2) Kristi Warner
3) Nelly Wilson
4) JulesBloeth
5) The Mosaics
6) Sisters
7) Donna Galbraith
8) Thelma Brooks
...check 'em out right here on SongRamp...and enjoy! -John Havlicek

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Enjoyed Da Listen WinkLOVE ITWink
  • November 30, 2015
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