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Stephen Colarelli songs   Songwriter:  Stephen Colarelli

    You Never Do

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Stephen Colarelli songs

A duet with Laurie Middlebrook. We had a lot of fun with this song.

When I snuggle up next to you
You move away
You always do.
You don’t feel like it now
You never do

I’m in bed early, you’re in late
When I’m up in the morning
You’re not awake
This may have been
A big mistake

You’re so busy running around
That we never have time
To just sit down
And tell one another what’s
Really on our minds

I like roast beef, you like lamb
I like peaches fresh
You like them canned
I like honey
You like strawberry jam

I like to run, you like to walk
I like to read
You like to talk
I like bare feet
You like shoes and socks

When we’re together with family and friends
You talk, talk, talk,
And never listen
I can’t seem to get
A single word in

You go left; I go right
I like music loud
You like it quiet
We’re two ships
Passing into the night

And you’re unfailingly polite
“Thank you very much
But not tonight
I’m a little tired
Is that all right?” 

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