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Plays: 14
Created: February 10,2018 by Dean Friscic
Songs: 1
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Plays: 124
Created: October 18,2017 by Tim Preston
Songs: 1
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Plays: 50
Created: September 27,2017 by Chapman James
Songs: 0
CJ Faves
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songs from open mic

Plays: 172
Created: May 14,2017 by Sheila Kaufman
Songs: 1
Eclectic mix of songs I've enjoyed from the open mic
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that ain't no bull

Plays: 358
Created: November 30,2016 by Michael Parker
Songs: 3
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Plays: 499
Created: September 17,2016 by David Stanbury
Songs: 1
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Ronnie's Playlist

Plays: 786
Created: November 30,2015 by
Songs: 2
Songs I like.
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More October 2015

Plays: 808
Created: October 10,2015 by Eddie Minyard
Songs: 6
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October 2015 Open Mic

Plays: 747
Created: October 10,2015 by Eddie Minyard
Songs: 9
Songs on Open Mic - Oct9th, 2015
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Rough Cuts

Plays: 0
Created: September 28,2015 by Paul Folwell
Songs: 0
Early incarnations of my songs. Remember where you heard it first!
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